Workbook: series I-V

Workbook I: My research started with a box or ‘workbook’ containing my critical thoughts and professional portfolio from the first year of my MA: Inclusive Arts Practice (Brighton University). The design of the box is loosly based on a solander style box, traditionally used for the temporary storage of archives in libraries and museums. The 7 compartments is my addition, with dimensions dictated by the size of a roll of lining paper. This workbook journeyed to Tokyo in September 2014, to reside with one of my future research participants, Kyoko.


Workbook II: A 3 month action research project, Oct 2014-Jan 2015. Dance, drawing, collecting and documenting connected the two boxes and four people, three in Croydon and one in Tokyo. The individual sessions involved and opening and closing ceremony, setting the boxes at compass points to open in the direction of Tokyo or Croydon and filling the box as we went. The research was documented via a blog.


Workbook III: February-May 2015. Continued exploration and play, more collaborations and more documentation. The project has been expanded with musicians and writers and is building towards an exhibition at Brighton University in July 2015.


Workbook IV: Participatory installation in Croydon. The installation was placed in a gallery space, open to the public. Local and global collaborators contributed to a weekend of questions and discoveries. 6 dancers, 3 writers and 1 musician were joined by 10 further ‘Skyped in’ musicians who played solo for one hour each over the weekend, from the following countries: Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Croatia, Berlin, France and the UK.


Workbook V: Installation and exhibition at the University of Brighton. The documentation from Workbook IV was exhibited for a new audience to sense the traces of previous Workbook participants.

Photo: Sophie Standford

Photo: Sophie Standford

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