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Global participation

So I travel 6000 miles and I visit the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi. I find a retrospective of the work by Lee Ming Wei, an installation artist from Taiwan, with a passion for participation. I even find boxes, many boxes, reminding me of my own ‘work book’.


Fabric of Memory 2006

As I kneel beside the box I attempt to tie the bow as beautifully as I found it. In my struggles I strike up a conversation with a Chinese tourist. She says to me, ‘he made it difficult so we would talk to each other’. The work is translucent but beautiful nonetheless.

I move on to writing an apology to my parents in a cubicle and then on to
The Moving Garden 2004, one of my favourites. I take a flower as asked to, with the direction to give it to a stranger after leaving the gallery. Lee is strongly attracted to the philosophy of gifts. Mine was received well, I gave it to a mother and daughter as I left the 53 story building.


It seems participation is still getting the world talking. Maybe one day I will tell my parents the contents of the letter, and we too will talk.


The Letter Writing Project 1998 / 2014

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