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Exploring with Kyoko


Kyoko and my ‘Workbook’

So I brought my work book to Japan with me. It took up most of my suitcase and represented my explorations and critical thinking as a Dance Artist and an MA student. The struggle it took to bring it 6000 miles is representational of the depths of my enquiries and commitment.

I brought it to Kyoko, a friend from way back (both time and distance) to be the catalyst for our collaboration. Together we worked through the tasks and instructions as a facilitated, participatory ‘workshop’.



And then we moved on, creating an ‘opening ceremony’. For when I leave Kyoko with the now empty ‘work book’, I will join the other participants with our twin ‘work book’, this time in Croydon. The open ceremony and the ‘work books’ will unite our two settings as we explore collaboration across distance.

To work with Kyoko in her home town wasn’t imperative to the collaboration. But to have shared time together was a luxury, bringing a unique foundation to the project.

I have though no idea what will happen next, but that’s exactly the point.


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